Nature=Stress Relief

Many years ago I attended a weekend corporate retreat at a stunning place that blended cabins & nature. I was memorized by it and at that moment I knew what I wanted to do someday in the future. The desire was born that weekend to create a place where guests could roam and get back in touch with nature all in a comforting home like environment. That was and still is my ultimate desire to use my talents to create a comfortable environment that guests can feel at home in.

Honestly I think being out in nature is needed even more now days as we find ourselves surrounded by concrete jungles and overwhelming mental chaos. Did you know the average American now spends over 10 hours each day glued to some type of screen which includes playing video games, being on the computer, watching TV and browsing social media on the phone? That’s can produce a lot of mental chaos. Now of course, we can’t just give it all up as it is how our society functions now days. However, we can make conscious choices to scale back on the use.

Another way to help combat the inherent health effects of screen time is to get out in nature. We as a species are designed to be in nature and the deprivation of nature to our soul is what I believe is a large part of our mental & physical health crisis in this country. We find emotional healing in the solitude of nature. We find hope in nature as small seedlings sprout in what looks like barren wastelands. We find childlike amazement as we pick a dandelion and blow its seeds. Ultimately we find peace in nature.

So when you are stressed, take a moment to go outside and quite your mind. Find peace and solitude even if just for a few moments each day. And if you are planning a big life event or going through a big life change, find places that can soothe your soul via nature to help combat the stress that will naturally come in those situations.

Now I think I will take my own advice and get off the computer, walk out my door and spend some time in the peaceful healing nature I am blessed to be surrounded by.